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  1. Social & Cultural activities:

India has diverse multi-cultural and multi-religious heritage.

            Suvidyaa upholds this tradition and takes utmost care to develop the ethnic values in the students. SUVIDYAA conducts cultural meets and organizes arts competitions to develop and promote socio-cultural talent in the students. This enables students to exhibit their multi talents.

Social activities like eye camp, Planting Trees in harithaharam, Swachh Bharath, helping the poor are taken by Suvidyaa to inculcate social responsibility in students.

            The faculty, management and parents also support them to participate in such activities at regular intervals.

  1. Celebrating Imp days :

Every New year eve is a gala event at SUVIDYAA. All the members of SUVIDYAA come together and celebrate the event and wish each other good luck, peace & prosperity throughout the new year. The festive mood prevails at SUVIDYAA on Teachers day, Independence day, Republic day, Diwali, Holi, Ramzan, Christmas, Fresher’s day, Fare well and Annual day events are also celebrated on a grand scale.

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